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How VGW has Fueled the Growth of Social Gaming in the US

Gaming has always been a popular activity worldwide, especially in the United States. Here are some fun facts about social gaming in the US: 

🕹️ 39% of mobile and PC gamers in the US play social games  

💵 The social gaming market is valued at US$ 27.16 Billion

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, gaming activity exploded between 2020 and 2022. During this period, people were isolated at home, which is why millions of them turned to social games.

Many industry experts predicted that this would be a short-lived trend, but social gaming has kept on growing in popularity ever since. 

The Growth of Social Gaming — How Did VGW Impact It? 

VGW Virtual Gaming Worlds - The Growth of Social Gaming in the US - thegamerian.com best gaming blogs

The buzz and excitement around social gaming has largely been driven by VGW

If you didn’t know already, VGW is a big technology company that’s created some of the best social games on the market. VGW is also the operator behind Chumba, Global Poker, LuckyLand Slots, and VGW Play, which are four of the most popular social gaming platforms available today. 

These platforms have attracted people from all around the world to play social games on PC and mobile. Chumba Casino alone has over 1 million+ members, even though some people see Chumba Casino as a scam and question the legitimacy of the social casino.

In response to this, lots of other social and sweepstakes casinos have joined the market due to such high levels of demand. This includes the likes of WOW Vegas and McLuck, which have successfully tapped into the market, too. 

The question, though, is what are VGW doing that makes their social games so popular? Let’s take a closer look so that you can begin to understand how VGW has taken social gaming in the US to new heights. 

🎰 Unique Games 

Firstly, VGW offers unique slots on their social gaming platforms. For example, some of the slots on Chumba Casino are 100% unique and produced by VGW themselves. What this means is that you can’t find them anywhere else on the internet, so you get a special type of gaming experience. 

If you weren’t sure which ones to try first, some of the best Chumba Casino games are: 

Stampede Fury 

Wild Gold 

The Sand Princess 

Altogether, Chumba has 150+ slots and table games to choose from, so there’s plenty for you to enjoy. 

🪙 A Fun Sweepstakes Model  

VGW has also boosted the social gaming industry by adopting a fun sweepstakes model. 

With a sweepstakes model, real money gets thrown out of the window. Instead, you play the different social games using Gold Coins (which allow you to play for free) or Sweeps Coins (which you can redeem for cash prizes, gift cards, and more). 

This is an enjoyable concept, as the pressure of playing with real money is no longer there. Players get to simply enjoy the on-screen action without having to worry about winning or losing, so it’s not surprising that this appeals to millions of people. 

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🎉  Lots of Promotional Offers 

VGW makes sure to provide lots of bonus offers across its different social gaming platforms. For example, one week, VGW might put some free Sweeps Coins up for grabs on Chumba Casino – you get the idea.

Provided players keep their eyes open, they don’t miss out. Naturally, VGW knows that this is a big driver behind player engagement, which is why bonus offers are key to their business plan. 

📱 The Freedom to Play on Any Device

A typical US gamer wants the freedom to play on any device, which is why VGW makes its games for PC, tablet, and mobile. Whatever your preferred device, whether you’re #TeamiPhone or #TeamAndroid, you can play social games on-the-go at any time thanks to VGW

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VGW’s impact on social gaming in the US can’t be understated. Over the past decade, VGW has attracted countless new players to try-out social games for the first time (and a large bulk of them have stuck around).

On top of this, VGW have also influenced the creation of many other social gaming platforms that look to emulate the success of VGW by offering innovative slot games, free bonuses, and more. For now, though, VGW remains on top  — and it will likely stay that way for the foreseeable future.

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