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11 Game-Changing Rocket League Tips for Beginners

Rocket League is a bit like soccer, but with a twist – instead of running around on the grass, we drive cars that can jump, flip, and speed around a massive arena. It’s pretty wild! The game is simple to pick up but a whole different story to master. 

We’ve seen loads of Rocket League tips and beginner guides, but let’s dive into some key tricks that will set us on the path to becoming pros. It’s all about how we control our cars and the ball, from the bump of the kickoff to the thrill of an aerial goal.

With practice, you can all start doing cool moves like half-flips, dribbling, and even flying across the field to score. Camera settings, boost control, and rotations might sound like jargon right now, but these are the golden tickets to upping our game. 

And here’s the secret sauce: it’s not just about hitting the ball harder or racing faster; it’s also about playing smarter. Positioning ourselves in the right spot, defending our goal like a fortress, and knowing when to strike make all the difference. 

But before you hit the Rocket League field and show ’em what you’ve got to become the next Rocket League legends, check out these Rocket League tips and tricks first!

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11 Best Rocket League Tips for Beginners (because we’ve been there)

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Source: Rocket League Official Website

Jumping into Rocket League can be a whirlwind of flying cars and soaring soccer balls. We’re here to break down the best strategies to get your engines revving in the right direction!

#1 Ensure Your Camera and Control Settings Are Ideally Adjusted

Your viewpoint in Rocket League is key. You would want to adjust the camera settings to have a wider view of the field. This means tweaking the field of view, camera distance, and angle. 

Apart from that, remember to adjust your controls as well to suit your playstyle. And let’s not forget to remove camera shake for a smoother driving experience!

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#2 Choose the Right Rocket League Starter Cars

Rocket League Starter Cars, Battle-Cars like Octane, Breakout and Merc - Rocket League Tips for Beginners - thegamerian.com

Sure, all cars look cool, but as beginners, we benefit from choosing ones that are more forgiving. The Octane and Dominus are great Battle-Car starters—they offer a nice balance of hitbox and handling. For players looking to improve their aerial game and striking accuracy, the Fennec is often a popular choice for both beginners and professionals alike. 

Another choice – the Breakout can also be a good starter car for beginners in Rocket League. Its narrow hitbox allows for precise ball control and dribbling, which can be beneficial for players who are still developing their mechanical skills.

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#3 Train and Get Familiar with Rocket League Basics

Before aiming for those crazy flip resets, let’s get the fundamentals down. You should be training on making solid contact with the ball and learning the physics of the game, from boosting, jumping, ball control, and other basic car maneuvers like powerslide to make a U-turn. 

After the Basics training, be sure to hop onto the Advanced training for more maneuvering tricks. When I first started, I was totally terrible at simple instructions like dodging and jumping!

Spending time in free play mode also helps you become comfortable with car handling, boost management, and hitting the ball effectively. Utilizing training packs for ground and aerial shots works wonders to develop muscle memory and improve their overall performance in the game.

#4 Observe the Ball’s Trajectory Instead of Rushing to Get the Shot

Rocket league Free Play mode - Rocket League Tips for Beginners - thegamerian.com

It’s tempting to just boost towards the ball, but patience goes a long way. By watching where the ball might go, we can position ourselves better to take a more effective shot. This approach increases the likelihood of making successful plays, whether it’s for a shot, a save, or a pass. 

Rushing to get the shot without observing the ball’s trajectory can lead to missed opportunities, poor positioning, and ineffective plays – what you want is impactful actions, not blind calls. If not, you may end up going underneath the ball instead of hitting it in the right direction towards the goal.

#5 Pick Up as Many Boosts as Possible

Boost is our best friend in Rocket League. Boost management plays a significant role in enabling players to execute advanced maneuvers, maintain pressure on the opponents, and swiftly transition between offense and defense. Keep your boost levels high by collecting those small boost pads during play, not just the big corner ones!

#6 Don’t Be Afraid to Get on the Wall and Jump Off

The walls can be our allies. Learning to drive up the wall and leap off can surprise opponents and set up some slick plays. You can access new angles and opportunities to interact with the ball, whether for clears, passes, shots, or aerial maneuvers. It feels odd at first, but practice makes perfect!

#7 Learn How to Control Your Jumps

Jumping isn’t just about getting airborne—it’s about control. Small touches on the jump button can make all the difference in how we strike the ball. Proficient jump control also contributes to better recovery and positioning after aerial engagements. You may be required to do double jumps to hit the ball mid-air so jump training is important.

#8 Be Mindful of Your Positioning

Positioning is crucial, and this includes maintaining proper spacing, anticipating plays, and adjusting positioning based on the flow of the game. You should always know where your teammates are, keeping space between to cover more ground and avoid bumping into each other so that you and your team can fulfill your roles effectively, whether it’s for offense, defense, or support.

#9 Understand How Offensive and Defensive Rotation Works

Rocket League’s gameplay basically falls into two types: attack and defense. And we rotate so that someone is always ready to attack, while others are ready to defend. This keeps us from crowding the same spot, making sure we’re prepared for whatever comes our way.

Offensive rotation involves players taking turns to advance the ball towards the opponent’s goal while maintaining proper spacing and support. Defensive rotation focuses on players rotating back to cover defensive positions, ensuring that the team is well-protected and ready to counter opponent’s attacks.

For beginners, learning to recognize when to push forward to support the attack and when to rotate back to cover defensive positions is key. Practice with training packs or casual matches to internalize these concepts and apply them in real-game scenarios.

#10 Set Up a Communication Strategy with Your Team

Quickchat in Rocket League - Rocket League Tips for Beginners - thegamerian.com

Quick chat is great, but having a plan with our team on who’s doing what makes us much more cohesive. Some simple call-outs can make a big difference, such as “I got it!”, “Take the shot!”, or “Defending…” but of course, be sure to discuss and coordinate with your team beforehand to avoid miscommunications. Also, try to take advantage of voice chat to sync better with your team.

#11 Stay Positive and Enjoy the Game!

Above all, having fun is why we play. And in our opinion, this is indeed a Rocket League tip because a bad mindset will not bring you far in the end. Keep the spirits high—even if we miss a shot or two—and we’ll naturally get better at this thrilling game of high-speed soccer.

Should You Play Rocket League with Controller or Mouse and Keyboard?

When we’re zipping around in Rocket League, aiming to score that perfect goal, the question pops up: should we team up with a controller or with a mouse and keyboard combo? Let’s break it down together, peeps!

Controllers glide into the scene with their smooth analog inputs. We can steer and swivel with finesse – think of it like the gentle art of guiding a paper plane with the tip of a finger. Plus, every button is within thumb’s reach!

  • Pros of Controllers:
    • Analog input for delicate steering
    • Compact, all controls in one spot
    • Intuitive for fast reactions

Now, don’t overlook the Mouse and Keyboard (KBM) setup. We’ve got the precision of the gaming mouse and a whole keyboard to map our tricks. For rocketeers who grew up with PC gaming (like meeeeee), this might feel just like home.

  • Pros of KBM:
    • Pixel-perfect precision with a mouse
    • Customizable keybindings
    • Familiar to PC gamers

Here’s a quick tip: If we’re leaning towards KBM, we should tweak our settings. Setting our [Aerial/Steering Sensitivity] to the right balance is like choosing the right gear in a racecar.

Ultimately, it’s about where we find our groove. The game recommends playing with a controller but it doesn’t mean you can’t do well at all with KBM! 

Whether it’s the all-in-one coziness of a controller or the pinpoint accuracy of a KBM setup, what matters is that we’re comfortable and confident. After all, we’re here to have a blast as you score some epic goals!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Now it’s time to tackle some of the most burning questions that you might have!

How can I improve my ball control skills in Rocket League?

No doubt, you need to grind to improve your ball control skills in Rocket League. When I first got into the game, I had to spend HOURS just to get the feel of steering my Octane in Free Play mode (yes, I’m that bad). 

How to get better at handling the ball requires spending time in freeplay to get a feel for how the ball moves and reacts. Also, don’t forget to practice dribbling and aerial control—it’ll work wonders for your game.

What are effective strategies for ranking up in Rocket League from Platinum to Diamond?

To leap from Platinum to Diamond, focus on positioning and decision-making. Also, it is important to improve mechanical skills such as aerials and power shots, and develop strong team communication and good rotation. Make sure to improve your defensive plays and be patient—waiting for the right moment to strike is key. 

Apart from that, we must say it is more essential to maintain a positive attitude, analyze gameplay for areas of improvement, and adapt to different playstyles that can contribute to a successful climb in ranks. 

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What training drills should I focus on to get better at Rocket League for PS4?

When aiming to improve at Rocket League for PS4, focusing on a combination of essential training drills can be beneficial. These may include practicing aerial maneuvers, ground dribbling, power shots, wall hits, and boost management. 

On top of that, honing skills in car control, rotation, and positioning can significantly enhance gameplay. Utilizing custom training packs or freeplay mode to refine these techniques can help elevate your performance on the field. 

You can go for custom training packs that target aerial shots and saves. Regularly practicing shots you struggle with will definitely sharpen your skills.

Can you explain Rule 1 in Rocket League and why it’s important?

The Rocket League Rule 1 is an unspoken agreement in the game: if we lock head-to-head or side-to-side with an opponent, we hold our ground until a goal is scored or we get disrupted. 

It is an important rule that all Rocket League players should adhere to as it’s all about respect and sportsmanship. Violating this rule may result in adverse in-game repercussions, such as facing potential criticism from both teammates and opponents.

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In Rocket League, how do I choose the best car for my playstyle?

Choosing the best car in Rocket League is about feeling comfortable. You should also consider the car’s hitbox and handling characteristics. 

If you like tight turns, Octane is great. If you want a longer car for dribbling, perhaps the Dominus is your match. 

Some players like using the Fennec due to its powerful shooting and solid air mechanics. At the end of the day, it’s all about what feels right for your playstyle.

What traits distinguish a good Rocket League player from an average one?

A good player knows how to communicate with teammates and stay aware of their positions. We also want to be consistent with our plays and learn from our mistakes—always aiming for improvement. 

Not only that but we strongly believe a good Rocket League player also possesses good sportsmanship and respect for other players! Nothing good comes out of being rude to your teammates for failing to score or being angry just because you didn’t come out as top in the game.

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