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Welcome to The Gamerian’s Blog!

Hello there! Thanks for checking out my blog!

The Gamerian may not be the best gaming blog on the internet but…Hope you find some game ideas and inspirations here as you browse through my game reviews and personal opinion on things hehe 😀

I always welcome feedback and even post contributions – just hit the CONTRIBUTE button at the top!

– Juliana



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For the love of gaming and gambling, combined.

Deep inside, we all know it – the line between online gaming and online gambling is blurring. Is that a bad thing? The Gamerian doesn’t think so.

After all, both gaming and gambling serve the same great purpose: to provide the best form of fun and relaxation to those who relish such activities. 

And what better way to gather these two forms of entertainment than talking about them? 

Gaming, Gambling and The Gamerian have something in common – they are all connected with the letter ‘G’!

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The Gamerian is just another blog dedicated to news and views on gaming of all kinds. From PC games to gaming gears to online gaming tips and tricks, discover them all here.


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