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The Gamerian Blog is a passion project set up by three gamer girl friends – Juliana, Jonie and Lucia – whose friendship struck at unexpected moments.


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Initially run without much thought of growing the blog, Juliana and Jonie were both writing and publishing topics close to their hearts on a whim basis. Things changed when they found their third and youngest member, Lucia, whose ideas sparked interest and more ideas, to the point both founders decided to try their hands at making The Gamerian an even bigger passion project than they had ever dreamt of.

Now, The Gamerian serves as a space not only for the three ladies to dump their thoughts on games and lifestyle topics but also a place where they curate and review products and game strategies in detail based on their combined experiences.

Whether you are a fan of Juliana the tsundere team lead, or Jonie the people person next-in-charge or Lucia the kawaii resident editor cum designer, Team Gamerian hopes you enjoy reading our blog and find joy in the little quirks of our writing.


~ Juliana, Jonie & Lucia ~



juliana chen studio shot

Juliana Chen


A co-founder of the Gamerian, Juliana works as a digital marketer and is a hustler at heart with a passion towards writing and occasionally gaming. Often called a tsundere, Juliana may seem like an ice queen at first, but give her coffee, tea or fruit juice and cake, and you’ll see a different warmer side of her. Juliana writes mostly on lifestyle related topics after having her curiosity sparked 5 years ago on the games of luck and skill combined.

Jonie Toh


Jonie is the co-founder of The Gamerian. She considers herself a self-motivated girl whose life revolves mainly around these 4Cs – Coffee, Copywriting, Computer and Crafts. Jonie enjoys checking out new PC games and chugging down coffee like no tomorrow when she is not furious-typing away at her com. From puzzles to MOBA and strategy card games, she writes mostly about games stuff and occasionally peeks at whatever happening in the lifestyle world.

lucia liew profile

Lucia Liew

Editor, Designer

Lucia is the cute resident editor cum designer at The Gamerian. She enjoys playing RPGs and anything that is visually appealing with great art. Her all-time favorite games include Don’t Starve and Stardew Valley, but she is constantly on the lookout for more cute games to add to her game library. When she is not gaming, she goes for social dancing to salsa and bachata, and roots for her partner’s favorite sports and e-sports teams. She also has an interest on horses and occasionally check out sports news, to the point her team members joke she’s a person with way too many interests for her to handle. Lucia writes a fair share of PC game and gaming gear reviews, plus sports related pieces.


For the love of gaming and gambling, combined.

Deep inside, we all know it – the line between online gaming and online gambling is blurring. Is that a bad thing? The Gamerian doesn’t think so.

After all, both gaming and gambling serve the same great purpose: to provide the best form of fun and relaxation to those who relish such activities. 

And what better way to gather these two forms of entertainment than talking about them? 

Gaming, Gambling and The Gamerian have something in common – they are all connected with the letter ‘G’!

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