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Ultimate Fishing Simulator Review: Wonderful Day For Fishing, Anytime!

“Nice day for fishin’, ain’t it? Hu-ha!”

Pardon me for quoting VLDL’s annoying (yet adorable) NPC Baelin’s one-liner at the beginning of my post, but this line perfectly describes the feeling you get when playing the Ultimate Fishing Simulator I tell ya.

The music, the graphics, the comforting environment…let’s dive straight into this Ultimate Fishing Simulator Review of mine, shall we?

Ultimate Fishing Simulator Game Details

Developer: Bit Golem

Genre: Nature, Fishing, Simulation, Sports

Player: Solo, Multiplayer

Overview of Ultimate Fishing Simulator

It can get confusing for a start for total newbies but once you familiarize yourself with the game interface, it gets much easier. Don’t worry if you have no knowledge about real world fishing because I don’t either!

You go through a tutorial then after that, you are on your own to make a mark in this surreal fishing world, starting at Betty Lake.

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Ultimate Fishing Simulator: Gameplay

You can choose the different fishing habitats you like (you can access 7 different maps for the base game), in which certain environments will house specific types of fishes. Just play around and experiment with the different reels, lines, baits and fishing techniques as you go along – even if you don’t know what you are doing, they have a guide with recommended weather and fishing techniques to catch certain types of fishes.

Fish Guide - Ultimate Fishing Simulator Review - The Gamerian Blog
The game has a fish guide for you to read up on the different species, including best fishing methods and weather conditions to catch ’em all.

You earn money from selling your catch, and with the cash, you can buy better fishing equipment to increase your chances of catching bigger-sized fishes as personal achievements and also unlock maps (the base maps aren’t immediately accessible by the way except Betty Lake). I mean, that’s usually what it is about when it comes to fishing right? To see what’s your biggest catch of all time for a particular fish species!

Fishing equipment - Ultimate Fishing Simulator Review - The Gamerian Blog
Fishing equipment. Just play around with the different types of bait, hook, lures, lines, etc if you are a total beginner.
First 7kg+ fish - Ultimate Fishing Simulator Review - The Gamerian Blog
My first Brown Trout weighing 7kg+!

For fishing enthusiasts, you will be happy to find X species of fishes in the game, and if that’s not enough, there are DLC add-ons you can buy to score some rare varieties. I’m still happy with the fish content I have as of now as I’m more of a casual gamer anyway, but I must say, the added fish species are quite a beauty…I may consider getting them once I manage to complete my basic fish collection. You can check and admire your fish collection in your Trophy Room (which I did countless times, hehe).

Trophy Room - Ultimate Fishing Simulator Review - The Gamerian Blog
The Trophy Room.
Chub Achievement Trophy Room - Ultimate Fishing Simulator Review - The Gamerian Blog
My Chub achievement, among other fish collections.

What We Love About Ultimate Fishing Simulator

I’m not a hardcore fan of simulation games to be honest (tried The Sims 4 way back but got bored real quickly), and fishing isn’t really my top choice for a game.

But I would say the Ultimate Fishing Simulator changed my perspective quite a bit – who would have thought a virtual fishing game could be this fun?

What I truly like about the game is how the devs put in the effort to make the game as believable and accurate as possible – the types of fishing techniques to catch the desired fishes (perhaps not the most accurate and you have to play by their set reeling rules but hey, it’s still commendable), how seemingly life-like when the fish at the end of your line struggles to break free from your rod, how the tension of your fishing line could affect the outcome of your catch, the weather that changes in between your fishing sessions – they are just so cool. Kudos, team Bit Golem!

Fishing line and bait at Betty Lake - Ultimate Fishing Simulator Review - The Gamerian Blog
You will be in great company with other fishers – you can even chat real-time on the left side of the screen.

When I first started, I thought it’s going to be a solo game but I’m secretly glad they open up the multiplayer option so you could actually play with friends. I went fishing alone though but I’ve chatted with some players in-game, and they were all nice peeps. Love the community’s friendliness when they ask and help one another to land bigger catches and whatnots – that gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling, especially when your virtual fishing environment matches the great vibes, so much zen here ahah.

Despite the initial skepticism that it might get boring, I found myself coming back to the game for a moment of calming music and view, just plain fishing with other players around and vying for the next huge catch – this game is a positive YES for me.

Editor’s Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Is Ultimate Fishing Simulator an offline game?

You can play offline, but for stats and achievements, you will need to be connected to the internet to have all your achievements registered. Not to mention, interacting with friends via the multiplayer mode and chatting with other UFS players in-game require you to be online as well.

How many fish species are in Ultimate Fishing Simulator?

The Ultimate Fishing Simulator game features a wide variety of fish species, including over 100 types of fish from different regions around the world. These include popular game fish such as brown trout, bass, pike, and salmon, as well as exotic species like arapaima and piranha.

Is Ultimate Fishing Simulator fun?

We definitely think Ultimate Fishing Simulator offers plenty of fun when you tried to fight with the fish you caught! It’s also a calming game with serene settings and background music so this game is worth the hours invested in our humble opinion.

Does Ultimate Fishing Simulator have fly fishing?

Yes, Ultimate Fishing Simulator features fly fishing as one of its fishing techniques. The game allows players to use a fly fishing rod and reel to catch a variety of fish species, including trout, salmon, and grayling. The game also features realistic casting mechanics and the ability to tie different types of fly patterns to the fishing line, adding to the authenticity of the fly fishing experience.

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